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最小化 最大化

We are working on better understanding of mind and brain. As a scientist, we keep asking ourselves the three ultimate questions:

1.Who are we?
2.What are we supposed to do?
3.How do we do it?

To get deeper into these questions, we currently are working on the following problems via psychoneurobiologicalmethods:

1.The perception, experience, and modulation of pain; the changes in the mind and the brain induced by pain; and the accompanied sensory, emotional, and cognitive process.
2.Cognitive methods to promote psychosomatic well-being, including the oriental medication, yoga, Zen, and group approaches.
3.Modern technology for psychological intervention, including those with stimulation and biofeedback.

We are using methods of multiple channel, single-unit recording in awake and behaving animals, human and animal EEG and ERP recording, functional MR imaging, and other behavioral, neuropharmacologicaland neurobiochemicalmethods.

We are open for collaborations throughout the world with experts in all possible scientific areas. Our goal is exploring scientific problems together, while learning and growing-up personally together.

Young investigators are warmly welcomed to join us!